Leading publishers choose CeleraOne


CeleraOne Products – Overview

All standard and personalised paywalls

Template manager, offer page controller and testing

Product information management

Integration with publishers’ backends

Single sign-on

Data migration from legacy systems

User interface for call centre

Real-time targeting


Virtual currency

Ad blocker

Why our partner
publishers believe in us

Market leader

We are the market leader in Germany. Nobody has more wide-ranging experience with paid and SSO projects


Our technology can be reliably and seamlessly scaled up to the highest traffic level


We have excellent know-how of publishing backend systems, in particular ERP, and have knowledge of a whole range of integrators

Full-service solution

We provide a full-service solution for paid content integrated with SSO from a single source and a single interface


We have deep process experience in comparable projects and can deliver on time, on budget and in quality


Our technology is highly flexible. We can map every paid model and integrate into every environment

Standard & customised

Publishers can choose from efficient, standardised solutions or go for a highly customised approach


We have solutions for specific application cases such as virtual credits and starting credits, and we then develop these. Publishers are looking for a sustainable solution


We can offer our network of publishing partners in order to share our experience

We look forward to presenting our solution to you