Paid Content & Live CRM meets SAP

Solid partnerships are based on shared experience and concentrating on each other’s strengths. The success of paid content projects is not based on the implementation of an access block, but on the integration of the overall solution into the processes of the company, on the flexibility of the digital offers and on precise real-time interaction with the user.

CeleraOne is the specialist for paid content, personalisation and live CRM. The integration of the overall solution into the publishers’ ERP system – such as SAP – as well as the innovative execution of the checkout process via MSP’s Online Systems, are working perfectly in practice.

Together with MSP we have already successfully implemented two projects, and the logical next step was to cement our cooperation and technically certify MSP as a CeleraOne partner.

Next-level sales & marketing in publishing

Uniting multiple shops and services under a single sales & marketing management system is our motivation in this partnership. MSH Medien System Haus GmbH & Co. KG (MSH) offers a wide range of online sales & services products, including online ordering systems for ads, subscriptions and digital news, generally based on SAP.

CeleraOne represents a marketing management tool suite for managing user data and access, as well as targeting and pricing.

Combining these components takes publishers’ online sales & marketing to the next level. In joint development, we design standard or individually-tailored shopping landscapes, as required.

We look forward to presenting our solution to you