Successful paid content solutions are based on flexible, high-performance technology.

No two successful paid content solutions are identical.

Based on the different strategies and backend architectures of publishers, CeleraOne offers a comprehensive modular set of features that customers can implement according to their requirements.

All products are standard solutions that can be activated at any time.

CeleraOne offers efficient, standardised full-service solutions for small and medium-sized publishers to get started.

CeleraOne Products – Overview

All standard and personalised paywalls

Template manager, offer page controller and testing

Product information management

Integration with publishers’ backends

Single sign-on

Data migration from legacy systems

User interface for call centre

Real-time targeting


Virtual currency

Ad blocker

Paid Content

All standard and
personalised paywalls

CeleraOne technology enables all standard paywalls to be set up very easily and flexibly, whether as a Metered, Freemium or Hybrid model, or via step-by-step approaches whereby the user must first register.

Application examples

  • Define free quotas (meters) for each device type, department, document type etc.
  • Choose between Freemium and Metering with a single click
  • Integrate the editor’s specifications for individual articles into the paywall model
  • Activate “First Click Free” for specific traffic sources
  • Activate multiple clicks for traffic from partner websites

CeleraOne technology stores all information on anonymous and registered readers for content, usage, time, devices, location, registration and purchases.

On the basis of this information, fine-grained user groups can be formed in real time and personalised offers can be made specifically for these target groups, e.g. for users interested in the economy, former subscribers, social users.

Case study – Tages-Anzeiger

With its “decision-makers bundle” made up of the classic gazette and finance & economy, it is aimed at readers who read a lot of business news. The CeleraOne technology identifies these readers and addresses them in a personalised way.

Template manager,
offer page controller &
AB testing

Paid content only takes off when marketing and product teams at the publishers can quickly and skilfully implement the standard processes without IT support.

The CeleraOne Cockpit enables marketing or product employees to configure all rules and promotions live. The graphic assets for addressing users and the offer pages can be uploaded and activated directly in the Cockpit.

Application examples

  • Test different designs of the offer pages
  • Try using fewer or more products on the offer page
  • Test a variety of price points or trial runtimes

Case study – AB-Testing

In this example, an AB test is set up for the power users in the motoring segment. 97 % of the users see two offers and 3 % see three offers. In the same interface, the Page Template button can also be used to adjust the design quickly and easily.

Product information

CeleraOne has wide-ranging experience of integration with print subscription systems, has integrated successfully with SAP in more than 15 projects, and has collaborated with many SAP integrators and SAP teams. CeleraOne provides a standardised API for SAP that aligns data between the systems in real time.

The CeleraOne Product Information Management enables productions, promotions and prices to be created flexibly from the Cockpit – without accessing SAP.

CeleraOne provides complete subscription management for all bundles made up of digital offers, print and other physical products (e.g. hardware). CeleraOne also handles trials, upgrades and downgrades in all runtimes and micro payments. Special cases such as holiday breaks and B2B subscriptions can also be mapped.

The CeleraOne product model is scaled from configurations with only one digital subscription type all the way up to fully automated Digital Rights Management for a whole range of publications.

The checkout function can be performed via external or internal stores. The complete purchasing history can be viewed for every user.

Case study – NZZ

NZZ offers various bundle formats (?? s. Original) made up of print and digital products and tests these on the offer page.

Integration into
backend systems

CeleraOne integrates bi-directionally in real time with all widely-used publisher backend systems, such as ERP, eCRM, e-mail marketing and ad servers.

The readers’ usage data can be forwarded to these systems in real time. Equally, all of the data in the backend systems can be imported into CeleraOne and be used for promotions.

Application examples

  • Show your subscribers less or different advertising
  • Send e-mails to users who have not been on your website for a long time
  • Add usage data to your eCRM
  • Use purchasing data from the ERP to address the users on the website

User Data Management


The CeleraOne SSO component provides market-leading user identification that is perfectly integrated into the Targeting and Paid Content features. The benefit for the customer: SSO and Paid Content from a single source – on one technological basis and in one interface.

Application examples

  • Connection of any number of brands and services
  • Storage and consolidation of all user data from different sources
  • Transaction data is added to user data
  • Central management of user data and attributes
  • Social login and capable of operating as an open ID provider
  • Advanced handling of opt-ins, opt-outs and AGB
  • Step-by-step data enrichment and profiling
  • High security standards
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android for easy integration on mobile devices

Data migration
from legacy systems

CeleraOne has migrated a wide range of user data from legacy systems to the CeleraOne SSO. In the process, duplicates were removed from the data and it was completed, validated and migrated to the same opt-ins.

Case study


Starting situation

  • Large publisher with 25 brands and their websites and apps
  • Many old, very inflexible legacy SSO systems that have reached their end-of-life and are no longer maintained
  • Inconsistent data quality


Challenges for the publisher

  • Consolidation of the data within the framework of introducing paid content
  • Step-by-step migration of the brands is desired
  • Check for duplicates and validation of user data
  • Migration is to be performed without re-login or visibility for the user



  • After two sprints, the new SSO is productive, with consecutive roll-out over the next months
  • Validation of all user data and removal of duplicates
  • Completion of user data where desired

User interface
for call centre

CeleraOne provides call centre employees with a comprehensive view of all user activities: purchases, logins and usage can be displayed. This makes if possible to provide help quickly, with fast activation for the reader directly from the Cockpit.

Case study 

All user data and transactions can be viewed by the call centre agent.

Audience Development


Paid content does not just start at the paywall. With the CeleraOne technology, publishers can develop specific measures along the entire traffic funnel in order to loyalise their readers step by step.

Application examples

  • Display a newsletter signup based on content affinity
  • Differentiate content based on the traffic source of the user
  • Implement subscription measures specifically for heavy users. Try to loyalise users who only appear occasionally via measures such as newsletters
  • Personalise parts of your website for anonymous and registered users


CeleraOne provides comprehensive life analytics, dashboards and heat maps for traffic, top articles, registrations and subscription sales.

All analytics can be customised individually for each user group – e.g. what are users who are interested in politics reading right now? What are social users buying? How do iOS users convert in contrast to Android users?


The CeleraOne dashboards run on desktops and mobile end devices and can be used in meetings and in the editorial department.


CeleraOne offers a virtual currency by means of which the actions of anonymous and registered users can be incentivised.

Application examples include: sharing content on Facebook, filling in user surveys, registration, commenting, reading articles, inviting friends to a subscription or a trial, and also refunds for dissatisfied users or postpaid / prepaid / starting credit features.

Ad Blocking

Ad blocking is a major challenge for the entire online web economy. CeleraOne and its partner publishers are developing solutions to target ad block users. We offer the entire range of instruments, from addressing the user to offering ad-free subscriptions to exclusion from usage (No Ad No Content).

We look forward to presenting our solution to you