Business Logic in
Real Time

CeleraOne provides a complete analytics and automation platform optimized for synchronous real-time processing of people data, content, and device / machine signals.

Through its unique Synchronous Insert-Compute-Respond Operations (SICRO) CeleraOne provides instant results and control commands to connected users, devices, and machines within milliseconds, even under heavy loads. To achieve maximum flexibility without sacrificing performance, business logic is specified in the CeleraOne Programming Language (COPL) , an easy-to-use, statically typed functional programming language that is JIT- compiled to native code.

The use of COPL enables data to be processed on the fly while it is streaming through the CeleraOne system. Being a strictly functional language, COPL adds an extra speed advantage and a safety net for casual users who do not have a programming
background. Instant computational results based on real-time business logic are at the core of advanced consumer and industrial internet applications.

  • Personalised targeting of end users
  • Digital rights management in ecommerce settings
  • Live content recommendations
  • Online fraud detection
  • Automation of industrial processes


Time-critical applications of business logic require high speed data access under heavy loads. CeleraOne stores all data in chronologically sorted streams of updates in main memory. Proprietary in-memory compression algorithms allow CeleraOne to keep months and even years worth of data in main memory.

Storing incremental updates instead of squeezing data into rigid structures avoids the high maintenance overhead caused by schema migrations.

Built to


Hardened under tough internet conditions CeleraOne’s technology scales easily to the highest traffic volumes and data sizes. CeleraOne’s platform is purpose built for enduring scalable cluster operation and zero downtime.

In most environments, CeleraOne systems do not need any scheduled downtime at all. For increased data safety, each data record is replicated to multiple in-memory nodes. Depending on the type of data and the dimensioning of the cluster different replication factors are used for even higher safety. Additionally, a redundant long-term persistence layer keeps all data on disk. Deployments of software updates are performed without system downtimes.


CeleraOne includes standardised HTTP REST / JSON APIs for many business applications. For applications with the highest traffic volumes the ZeroMQ protocol can be used to stream data into the CeleraOne platform. Incoming data from different sources is validated and merged automatically.

Tracking integration into web pages is a quick process using the standard CeleraOne JavaScript Client. A special variant for Smart TVs is also provided. For integration with mobile devices, CeleraOne provides native Software Development Kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android.

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